As the world turns its attention to the internet more and more, it’s no wonder why people prefer sending faxes from their PCs. In fact, it will be much more convenient for you to send faxes from your computer than it will to actually keep a traditional and bulky fax machine stocked of paper, toner and ink and also pay for its upkeep and maintenance.

In the past it was for employees to stand around the fax machine and wait their turn on sending a fax. The problem with this scenario is that when a person was sending a fax, or if the fax machine was receiving a fax message, then no one else could either send or receive a fax. If your recipient’s fax number was busy you would also not be able to send a fax through to them. This quickly became a way to limit the efficiency and productivity of an office.

If you send faxes from your computer you are now able to send and receive a lot of faxes at the same time. You certainly don’t need to stand around waiting for people to finish sending their faxes first and you can now easily receive your faxes from absolutely anywhere in the world.

FaxtelCompanies also needed to pay for dedicated fax lines for their office. The larger the office, the more fax lines and fax machines was needed. With the internet fax machine the need for dedicated fax lines were also removed and companies now save this money and keep their overhead to a minimum.

You will be able to find many free service providers online that provide you with your own dedicated fax number which will be associated with your email address. You will keep the same number for life if you so wish, even if you decide to immigrate or move to a new city. So you will always be able to receive and send faxes from your computer using the same fax number. Contact Faxtel TODAY for your FREE fax number